“S” is Sweet for Snicker-doodle!

I’ve been craving sweets the past week or so, and typically I don’t eat sugary foods. So to fill the need, I decided to post this wonderful yummy cupcake recipe, as I love cupcakes. I’ll just stare at this photo via my iPad and lick the screen!….haha!


Snickerdoodle Cupcakes Continue for Recipe!

*R* is for Relish!


I try to be grateful for the abundance of the blessings that I have, for the journey that I’m on and to relish each day as a gift.

We tend to take things for granted and overlook the small blessings in our lives. When we take pleasure in the little things, we live a more graceful life. We have a more joyous heart. We tend to live a richer life – full of the beauty that is everywhere around us. Continue Reading

*P* for Panini–Smoked Turkey and Cheddar Cheese


OMG, here we are AGAIN! I’m happy to be posting my first #Fiesta Friday in beautiful Big Sky Country in Montana! Today’s delicious sandwich is being served at our weekly party with Angie over on The Novice Gardener. Hope to see you all there, and remember, she has an open bar! Cheers everyone and have a FUNtabulous weekend! Recipe is this way

*M* for Modern Madness


With more and more people blogging these days, its imperative that one puts forth their best image in this creepy digital modern age. I mean, who knows who could be looking at your profile, reading your blog posts etc? What makes me qualified to offer my two cents on this particular subject? I’ve been a social media crazed woman for over 18 years.

Most people wouldn’t admit that, but as many of my friends, family, hubby, online friends and backyard birds will tell you, I am not like most people. This online addiction aka hobby, has provided me with a connoisseur-level knowledge of profile pictures, blog posts, bio’s, stalkers, creeps, many good laughs and the like, that I benevolently rant about on occasion. Continue Reading